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SuperModel Play Wrestling

Cute young athletic girls in the wrestling studio putting the moves and holds on male opponents all in good fun.

Running time: 90 minutes


Price: $20.00
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SuperModel Play Wrestling

Youthful, playful, and full of energy are these four athletic females we turned loose in the wrestling studio against unsuspecting males. They aren't pros but they quickly catch on, helped along by their natural ability, good physical condition and enthusiasm. Plus, they're hot! All these ladies have natural good looks and well-toned bodies.

Allison is a yoga/gymnastic type, long, lithe and well-defined. After the wrestling session with Ricardo, where she learns some Jiu-Jitsu moves, she shows us some poses, showing off her flexibility and strength.

Becky, 6'1 and 145 lbs, performs some lift and carry action, lifting Jeff who is 5'11 and weighs 160 lbs.

Amanda is a tough lady with some fighting skillz. Even after wrestling Ricardo she has energy to spare, which she takes out on a heavy bag with some powerful punches and kicks.

Lynn, cute and fit, wrestles the much larger Ricardo with fearless enthusiasm, learning new moves and improving with every hold.

- Review by Sally

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