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X-Roommate Games

Two ex-roommates wrestle it out

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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X-Roommate Games

This is a mixed wrestling feature with a tiny little bit of plot sprinkled on top - but that’s okay. Who needs plot when you’ve got girls this hot?

Stacy and Lia are roommates. Stacy is an attractive 5’5” blonde ex-gymnast/bodybuilder with shapely curves and strong arms. She weighs in at 150 pounds. Lia is a lithe 5’8” brunette with a pretty, mischievous face that matches her nature. She is not as muscular as Stacy, but at 135 pounds, she’s plenty fit.

Stacy reads in the paper that a girl has beaten a boy in a high-school wrestling tournament. Ray, Lia’s boyfriend, doesn’t believe it. He says no woman could beat a man in the same weight class. Stacy asks Ray how much he weighs. He says he’s 5’10” and 150 pounds.

Since they’re about the same weight, Stacy challenges Ray to prove that he can beat her in wrestling. Good thing they just happen to have a mat laid out on the floor already!

What follows can only be described as a beat-down. Stacy out-muscles and out-wrestles him time and time again. Poor Ray is red in the face and gasping in seconds. He makes all kinds of excuses - “I hurt my wrist yesterday,” and “I just had a smoke” - but the truth is, Stacy is simply too strong for him.

To further prove her strength, Stacy flexes her biceps, arm-wrestles him with both arms, and picks him up in several different carries. Finally she wrestles him into submission using leg scissors that crush his chest. In the end he can’t get up off the floor, so she picks him up and puts him to bed on the couch.

The next day, Lia accuses Stacy of going out with her boyfriend. Stacy says she did and asks Lia what she’s going to do about it. Lia attacks her, and they wrestle while exchanging catty trash talk.

This is a much more spirited match. Lia has a lot of energy and some wrestling technique. It’s a classic match-up of strength versus skill, and skill pretty much wins. Lia is a crafty fighter, and although Stacy occasionally outmuscles her - even powerbombing her a couple times! - Lia knows what she’s doing and manages to get a lot of chokes and submissions on her. She can’t get out of Stacy’s leg scissors, but Stacy can’t get out of her triangle chokes.

As the action gets hotter, so do they, and they begin to flirt with each other as much as wrestle. They lift and carry each other and both agree that this is more fun together than with Ray. They decide to dump him and stick with each other.

Unfortunately, Ray returns to spoil their fun. Lia challenges him to wrestle and he accepts, thinking that she will be an easier opponent because she is lighter and less muscular than Stacy.

Wrong again, Ray.

Lia is, if anything, deadlier than Stacy. She may not be as strong, but she is more aggressive and more skilled. She mops the floor with Ray, triangle choking him, using leg scissors, an arm bar, and several varieties of head scissors to destroy him. He can barely continue.

Then to prove to him just how inferior he is, she beats him in arm wrestling and then lifts, carries and does squats with him. At last, she hands him off to Stacy, who throws him on the couch, and they go off together arm in arm, leaving him gasping and half-dead.

The feature ends with a nice, slow motion montage of Stacy working out and flexing.

All I can say is, “More Stacy and Lia please!”

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