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Cory Everson
Cory Everson

Cory posing in the Ms. O. bodybuilding competition, exercising, plus press conference interview.

Running time: 60 minutes


Price: $20.00
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Cory Everson

Review by Davemeister; newsgroup: alt.binaries.fitness.centerfolds

Hi all!

A couple of quick questions for everyone: How many of you have wanted a personal trainer to whip you into shape, but just couldn't afford one? How often have you watched a muscle video and thought I wonder what she does to look like that? Ask yourself what would the ideal workout video do for me? I can tell you what Cory Everson's Workout did for me. It educated me, entertained me, motivated me, and made me fall even more in love with Cory than I already was (which is a pretty hard thing to do!) Yes, this 90 minute video takes you through a workout with 6 time Ms. Olympia, the legendary Queen of Muscle, Cory Everson. However, the way the video is structured is such that it is not strictly an exercise video ( which would be drab), but rather a documentary of sorts on the beauty that has captivated more than a few men's hearts.

The tape begins with a series of clips which show Cory posing in the Ms. O. bodybuilding competition. Following this, we are graced with Cory's presence as the setting shifts to a gym in Australia. It is here that Cory guides us through the exercises she does to maintain her gorgeous hard body. Beginning with the legs, she does a series of exercises including squats, leg lifts and lunges, while her husband (sorry guys!) Jeff provides the commentary for each exercise. The beauty of watching Cory workout is how seductive she looks while pumping weight. Her facealways wears a beautiful smile, and her long flowing blonde hair hangs just over her shoulders, blending in so well with her deep, rich, tanned body. As she lifts the weights for each rep, you can see the muscles rippling...flexing...contracting...over and over again. I'm telling you, you'll have a hard time not getting excited by this phenomenal woman. The camera work is top-notch, and we get great closeups of each bodypart as well as different angled shots to keep it interesting. Between exercises, Cory's light-hearted personality shines through, as she makes faces at the people behind the camera (ala Jenny McCarthy) and jokes around constantly.

However, it is the next segment which distinguishes this tape from the rest. Instead of just moving on to the next bodypart and beginning the exercises for it, we are taken to a press conference, where Cory, wearing a beautiful fuscia dress, is seated with her husband Jeff on a stage. They answer the questions of the media, in what is more like a workshop than a press conference. These segments alternate throughout the video with the actual gym workout. I must say that the depth of the questions and answers in these segments is trully astounding. In all the years I've followed bodybuilding, I've never learned as much about what goes into the training, dieting, and other aspects of the sport than I learned listening to Cory and Jeff. Of course, it's always hard to hear what Cory says, because you'll probably be focussing on her uhh, dress!

Some of the topics discussed in the press conference include use of steroids in bodybuilding, cosmetic surgery (of which Jeff provides a shocking revelation!), nutrition, before and after competitions, weight vs. reps, and numerous other interesting topics. As I stated earlier, the tape features generous segments of the press conference between each individual body part's workout. After the first press segment, we move back to the gym where Cory tackles her back. Of course, I wish I could be tackling her but that's another story! (just a joke people, relax).

She does some great exercises, including pulldowns and bent over rows, which show off her incredible back development. You can see the definition on her back, and the way the light shines off her glistened, toned back will leave you breathless. She is the most beautiful site to behold. It's just a shame she doesn't work out at a gym in my area, or there would be no problem getting me to get a membership!

From there, we go back to the press conference, where Cory speaks about other interesting issues, including her sister. Jeff answers some questions too, and it occurs to me how intelligent both Cory and Jeff really are. They speak so eloquently, that they are indeed great representatives for the sport of bodybuilding. Back to the gym to train chest. Hmmm...Can you picture Cory bench pressing? It's not something you want to miss. Again, great camera work lets you see every muscle in action. Youch!!!

The tape follows with exercises for shoulders, arms, and abs. Needless to say I really enjoyed the arm segment, because Cory's biceps and triceps looked spectacular! Watching those arms peak with every contraction of the concentration curl was an incredible turn-on. This woman has it all. Beauty, charisma, and a body that just won't quit!

Cory Everson's Workout concludes with a nice recap of the entire routine, including a schedule for you to follow which is placed on-screen. Then, we get to enjoy an entire posing routine from the Ms. O. contest which shows off the incredible body that Cory just finished training in the gym. Needless to say, it's the perfect topper on a great video. Fun, educational, entertaining, Cory Everson's Workout is all of those and more. Pick up your copy from www.builtmore.com

- Davemeister

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