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Featuring cute-as-a-button muscle-pixie MONIKA, sultry brunette KRISTA, veteran competitor DANITA, blond fitness-trainer and wrestler KELLY.

Running time: 90 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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They certainly are. Five fabulously fit femmes flex for you on this full-length tape.

First, cute-as-a-button muscle-pixie MONIKA, a student of nutrition from Sweden who is lean from the waist up, but with legs that belong on a heavy-weight twice her size, primps and pumps in sexy shorts and sport-top, curling and doing over-head flies with dumb-bells, showing off wiry arms and a perfect posterior while she tells us how she got into bodybuilding and gives detailed descriptions of her training, diet and supplements. Exciting and educational!

Later she changes to a clingy dress and platform boots and then cut-offs and sneakers, giving her a tough, tom-boy look. Finally she strolls around in a bikini top and wild mini-skirt. Those legs will make you weak in the knees. Monika footage was shot in Stockholm, Sweden by Len B.

KRISTA just glows with health and well being. A sultry brunette with full, round muscles and great structure, she struts her stuff in skin-tight shorts and bra top, popping beautiful biceps and crunching chunky abs, then she shows off by walking on her hands as easily as she walks on her feet.

A warm, friendly face, and muscles that turn up the heat.

Veteran competitor DANITA talks about her life and accomplishments from the beginning of women's body-building 'til today while showing off her thick and perfectly shaped biceps in a tight, sleeveless knit top.

The things she can do with one muscle are more than some girls can do with their whole bodies. Amazing control!

Next, KELLY, a blond fitness-trainer and wrestler with a mischievous smile, flexes poolside in a sparkling black bikini. She has a solid, compact body and incredible, grapefruit-sized calves that explode with muscle each time she flexes them. You'll explode too.

Thank God for high-cut swim suits! They were made for women like AMY. A ravishing raven-haired beauty with heroic shoulders and glutes to make a grown man cry! Amy poses and prowls in a gray one-piece, showing incredibly thick, perfectly shaped legs and flawless skin tone.

She hits a few double biceps and triceps poses, but most of the focus is where it should be, on that beautiful, bodacious butt!

Elle Elle

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