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Sensual Healing

Chronicles the extraordinary and diverse physiques of some of the world's most beautiful and muscular women, this classy, diverse video is perfect for heavy and light muscle worshippers alike.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Sensual Healing

Review by Davemeister
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers.

Sensual Healing, (Builtmore Productions, Inc.) is a one hour video which chronicles the extraordinary and diverse physiques of some of the world's most beautiful and muscular women. It presents the women in a classy manner, complete with interview segments, music, and great camera work. Sensual Healing is the perfect video for heavy and light muscle worshippers alike. From the smooth and sexy physique of an eighteen year old personal trainer, to the unparallelled musculature of Karla Nelson, this video has it all!

Kicking things off is the muscular blonde beauty, Lora, who stands 5'7.5" and weighs 157 pounds. Her measurements are a shapely 42-25-35. Her arms and legs explode with muscular power, which she has put to good use in the ten wrestling videos she has made. She poses in a gym in a wonderful black spandex outfit. Coming from a background in gymnastics, it is easy to see where her flexibility comes from. She does an exciting posing routine, complete with handstands, leg splits, and other "painful looking" maneuvers. Her biceps are great. They have a nice peak to them, and her whole frame screams thick and sensual power. Her long flowing blonde hair and chiselled facial features make her look like a runway model. Only this model isn't a bony stick figure. When she shows off her back, you will see the V-taper which is a result of her hugely defined shoulders and delts, and her narrow rock solid waist. Lora enjoys posing for the camera, as you can see her warm friendly smile as she goes through her routine. Once she pops into her bikini, watch out. You will see her entire tanned and toned physique in a whole new light. She is captivating on camera, and her ability to combine athletic gymnastics moves with her hardcore bodybuilding poses is truly an art. When she does a handstand, she splits her legs apart, and you can actually see her quads just "pop" right out! Lora is extremely well-proportioned, and one look at her and you will wish that you were in one of the wrestling videos she's made.

Following Lora is a woman who needs no introduction. Christine Lydon (who graced the cover of the recent Playboy's Hardbodies issue) poses in an extended segment which will keep you glued to your television set. Until viewing this tape, I had never really seen many hardcore poses from Lydon. Upon seeing her double bicep shot at the beginning of the segment, I couldn't believe just how muscular she really is! Christine poses in a black bikini which shows off her bronzed physique to the max. For those of you who like erotic bicep pumping, Chris gives us a tonne of that. First she starts doing it with her right arm, parallel to the floor. Then, she lowers her arm and continues pumping her arms. Your jaw will drop when you see the sheer muscularity of her peaked biceps. The more she continues to do this, the more the veins begin to show. The camera gets right up close, so that you don't miss a second of the excitement.

She then enters the studio wearing a pair of ripped jean shorts (always my personal fave on a bodybuilder!) She is very proud of her upper body development, and well she should be. From biceps, to side chest shots, to great abdominal flexing, Christine is the complete package. Her stunning beauty and intelligence (she graduated from Yale Medical School!) combined with her rock-hard physique, makes her one of the most sought after women in the bodybuilding industry. Rarely do I comment on the background music in one of these videos, but when in this case, the music fits the mood of the segment, and will add interest and excitement to an already fantastic routine. Chris's triceps bulge with definition. I really enjoyed watching her hold her poses for an extended period of time, so that you could really see the muscles pumped up. She is obviously an experienced poser. Later in the segment she returns to some more bicep pumps, this time doing them very slowly, so as to make it more erotic than ever. So what about her legs you ask? Well, they aren't too shabby either! While they can't compare to those of the women you will see later in the video, they are definitely perfectly proportioned to the rest of her vascular frame. Christine's hamstrings flex much like her biceps, and her calves are beautifully defined. After a while, a female camera person begins to photograph Christine, whose smile just lights up the screen.

After this segment, we see another beautiful blonde shadow-boxing! She seems very adept at the ways of boxing and kick boxing, and puts on an interesting demonstration in the opening moments of her segment. You will enjoy seeing her demonstrate her athleticism and flexibility through the various kicks and punches she throws. Then we move on to the street where she sits on a chair, showing off her great legs, while she is photographed. The busy segment moves into the studio, where she poses in an interesting bathing suit. Her biceps are thick and muscular. Her legs explode with raw power (probably from the kick boxing!) Switching into a black dress and matching high heels, the mood is subdued as this sultry blonde beauty poses, showing off her developed triceps, chest, and legs. Her gluts pop through her tight dress and will leave you drooling to undress her, but alas my friends, you can't do it! The trend I've noticed with the first three girls is the spectacular combination of muscle and beauty which all of them possess. Oh, about the gluts, you get to see them in more detail when she switches outfits again. They must have known we'd be interested!

From hardcore muscle, we go to tanned, toned, and shapely. The lovely Christina graces our presence with her stunning 5'10" 160 pound body. Get this, she is only 18 years old, and has been a certified life guard for 3 years! In addition, she is also a personal trainer, and model. She is absolutely gorgeous, perhaps the most attractive girl ever to be featured in a video (well, maybe!) She poses in a variety of outfits from a black one piece dress, to her spectacular white outfit. Her curvaceous figure almost looks like a caricature, in other words, it epitomizes what most men like to consider the perfect female form. It is obvious that this girl is in terrific shape, even though there is virtually no muscular poses during her segment. That had to be perhaps the only thing I would have liked to see included in this tape. This girl is definitely Tall Models Inc. or Amazon Supermodels material. Guess what I'm thinking right now? I'm trying to picture what it would be like to be rescued on the beach by Christina. Ah, what a lovely thought!

I'm starting to realize why they call this tape Sensual Healing. Shanna, who stands 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds, further confirms my theory. This nursing student is yet another beautiful blonde with long flowing hair, complimented by her beautiful deep-set eyes. The music is very romantic during this segment, along the lines of Kenny G. Shanna flexes her right calf while on a chair over and over again. You can see the muscularity in her long, smooth legs. She switches legs and does it all over again. While Shanna is not a bodybuilder, she represents the light end of the muscular spectrum. Shapely and toned, this girl has an hourglass figure which when wrapped body-tight black outfit she wears, will leave lasting impressions in your head. Her arms are slender, yet toned. You can almost see little biceps peaking out when she puts her hands in her hair. Again, I must emphasize that she is not body- builder, but the next thing that Builtmore does shows a spectacular contrast from the past two segments.

We go from Shanna, to the mind-boggling muscularity of the one and only Karla Nelson! The first thing we see is her striated, sculpted quads as they burst right on to the screen. Tonnes of lower body posing follows, from the Queen of Muscle. This segment is for those of you who long for the epitome of hard core female bodybuilding. This 5'10" 200 pound amazon represents the ultimate achievement in the sport of bodybuilding. She shows off her blasting 18" biceps over and over again, all the while enjoying her routine. There is a great scene when a guy comes to rub oil on her legs, and he starts squeezing her calves. For some of you, you'll probably wear out the rewind and slow-mo buttons on your VCR watching it over and over again. There are no words to describe just how muscular this woman is. Of course you may know that Karla has a condition which prevents her from storing fat (there are no bad side effects though), which helps to explain just how lean, yet dense her physique is. You will most assuredly enjoy the scene in which she poses in lace leggings while holding a guitar! Can't get enough of the bicep pumping? Well, this segment's got lots of that too!

Finally, if those legs weren't enough, you will be treated to the most muscular legs in the world, those belonging to Yvonne McKoy. For some reason, there are no shots of her upper body throughout her fifteen minute segment! This kind of got on my nerves, because there's only so much you can see of one's lower body. Of course, for leg lovers out there, the incomparable one-two punch of Karla and Yvonne will leave you in leg heaven. Yvonne is the only woman who's legs are more muscular than Karla's. Incredible considering they are on a 5'3" frame! She does much of the same posing that Karla did, along with some new stuff on a park bench. Overall, the Karla and Yvonne segments proved one thing. Builtmore knows how to appeal to every kind of fancy.

From the lean and mean Christina, to the more muscular Christine Lydon, to the heavyweight hitting of Karla Nelson, Builtmore's Sensual Healing will definitely be a remedy for boredom for years to come! Pick up your copy at www.builtmore.com

- Davemeister

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