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Model Release - vol. 1

A major supply of muscle, along with some beautiful faces to boot...major variety...This tape which follows along the lines of the popular Amazon Supermodels Series features some very tall muscular women posing their hearts out for our gratification.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Model Release - vol. 1

Review by Davemeister.
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers

Who wants muscle? I do, I do! Check out Builtmore's Model Release Volume 1 and you'll get a major supply of muscle, along with some beautiful faces to boot. Volume one of what is already a two volume set boasts something that few tapes can claim: major variety. This tape which follows along the lines of the popular Amazon Supermodels Series features some very tall muscular women posing their hearts out for our gratification. And they all do a wonderful job, starting with Kim Poteat, who pulls her red car, license plate "AMAZONS", into a parking lot. She proceeds to enter a beauty salon, where this gorgeous tall brunette will get a pedicure. What a great opportunity for Kim to show off her sleek, shapely legs! She is solid from head to toe, and you can just see those muscular calves wanting to pop right out of her legs. Her athletic background includes twelve years of ballet which explains her wonderful physique. She wears a white dress which adds spectacular contrast to her bronzed silky smooth skin. Kim constantly flexes her toes in and out, revealing more and more of those calves. But wait! The clincher...They measure her calves! Yup, 15 and a half unbelievable inches of muscular development! When she stands up in red, then black high heeled shoes, you will drool over her defined legs. Kim does some further posing against a backdrop in the studio, and uses some props like a ladder to further demonstrate her fabulous body. A quick bicep shot ends her segment.

Michele Hahn follows up with a great posing routine. This auburn-haired beauty is 5'9" and weighs in at a proportioned 138 pounds. While flexing her biceps in a wonderful pumping scene, she tells us how everybody comments on her beautiful legs. Who can argue with her? When you see her in nylons and high heels walking on her tip-toes you will marvel at her diamond shaped calves. Then they measure her legs. Wow, keeps getting better, because Michele's calves are a mind-boggling 16 inches!

If you like tall, sensuous muscular women, then the 5'11" 140 pound Melina will fulfil your wildest expectations. She poses in a black two piece bikini with black heels on. Her long light brown wavy hair stretches down her golden tanned back. Her gluts are definitely one of her biggest assets. She climbs a ladder to show off some very nice calves, but then again, what's new? They all have killer calves!

Speaking of calves, wait until you see Anastasia Colburn, a woman who claims to have been born with the physique she has. While I wasn't crazy with her upper body, I must say that she sports some of the biggest calves in the business. Don't believe me? Wait until they pull out the measuring tape. Anastasia's calves measure an incredible, mind boggling 18+ inches! She stands against a wall and does some calf raises. Watch as the muscles explode from her legs. The music changes to a seductive heart wrenching tune which complements the visual beauty on screen. There is no question that this girl is the Queen of Calves, and when she climbs the ladder...Youch!!!

Wait until you get a load of Tanya Gamm. She is a Swedish beauty who stands 5'11" and weighs 155 pounds. She sports a great set of gams (no pun intended!) Her biceps rock, and she doesn't mind showing them off. There is tonnes of flexing in this segment, and Tanya shows why she has won numerous bodybuilding and fitness competitions. Her two piece bikini is incredible, and not only is she extremely muscular, but she sports a nice set of, uhhh, you know what! She indulges our fantasies by flexing and pumping those arms from both the front and the back. What a sight! Tanya also has some nice definition and separation in her quads, and she knows how to show of her long, sleek legs. When she covers her upper body with a black jacket, she looks sexier than ever! For me though, the main attraction is those extraordinary biceps. She is along the lines of a Theresa Hessler, only better! In fact, come to think of it they bear remarkable resemblance! Could it be...Naw!

A less inspiring scene with a gal named Amy Hedstrom, 5'7", 128 pounds, follows. While Amy is quite attractive, and sports a chiseled well-toned physique, we just don't get enough of her! Her segment is quick, although I suspect that it does its job, which is to leave you begging for more from this beautiful blonde. Amy looks really into her posing routine, and has a smile which is positively glowing on camera. I just wish she would have hit a few more muscle poses, but she does show off some nice calves. Noticing a trend yet?

Annette Hayes, now we're talking! Wow! At 5'9", 160 pounds, this gal knows how to bump and grind. She's an exotic dancer, so needless to say, her posing routine will melt you into a quivering mass of jello. Check out her gluts, they are like beach balls! So perfectly round and hard. Oh did I mention those spectacular thick, sculpted biceps, which just exude strength and power. She wears a yellow bathing suit, which looks amazing next to her bronzed physique. Annette comments how when she's dancing many guys prefer her to flex than to dance. I can't blame them one bit! You'll fall in love with Annette. Where does she work again? :)

What a contrast between Annette's segment and what follows. We get to see the lean and mean Dedra Page, a black goddess molded in the image of Renita Harris. She stands 5'7" and weighs 130 pounds. Her physique is shapely and defined. Her biceps have incredible peaks on them, and we get many opportunities to see her flex them. She has very little body fat on her because you can see her vascular arms and legs even when she isn't flexing. Dedra is very beautiful, and knows how to get you going. Her posing routine is jam packed with tonnes of muscle shots, including bicep pumps, lat spreads, and other assorted poses. Watch when the camera gets a closeup of her triceps. You'll be astounded by the definition in her arms. Oh, and those legs aren't too shabby either! I love how all of the girls wear high heels, which exploit the calves to their fullest, and Dedra is no exception.

Model Release Volume 1 finishes strong with an exceptional erotic posing routine unlike any other I've ever seen. It features Nancy Staiger, a 5'5", 130 pound brunette who is in extraordinary shape. She's a topless dancer, and if there's any doubt as to her posing ability, one look at this segment will answer the question for you! I'm sitting here trying to describe the kinds of positions Nancy is able to twist and bend herbody into, but I'm having a real hard time! She poses on her head, for thirty second intervals! Incredible development in her hamstrings and quads. Watching her flex her gluts will leave you gasping for air. They are rock solid and she can flex em' like no one else! Those calves ripple through her golden, tanned skin. She begins taking her outfit off, one piece at a time, all the while combining fascinating body-building poses into her erotic dancing routine. This segment stretches on for almost fifteen minutes, but you won't realize where the time has gone, because Nancy is so entertaining and charismatic. Check out herbiceps towards the end of her segment. What a perfect topper on a great video!

Once again, Builtmore has presented a wonderful tribute to female muscle in the first volume of Model Release. As with other posing tapes, this one is strictly for muscle worshippers. There is not a lot of action, although I did enjoy the variety of women featured. The plethora of physiques presented in this tape will most assuredly contain something for every taste. Check it out by visiting www.builtmore.com

By the way, dig the clever title of this tape: Model Release is actually a term used in showbiz which relates to the contract signed between the talent and the production company

- Davemeister

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