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Model Release - vol. 2

In the tradition of the first Model Release, this tape packs a lot of variety and more importantly, a lot of muscle in a 60 minute video. While it should appeal to all muscle lovers, the main focus is on fitness type women...

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Model Release - vol. 2

Review by Davemeister.
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers

Davemeister's back with another bit o' info about Builtmore's Model Release Volume 2. In the tradition of the first Model Release, this tape packs a lot of variety and more importantly, a lot of muscle in a 60 minute video. While it should appeal to all muscle lovers, the main focus is on fitness type women, with a major exception at the end (but have patience, I'll get to that soon!) So without further adieu, heeeeeere we go!

Tis nothing lovelier than a rose in the morning sun, tis nothing more breathtaking than the twilight of the moon on a warm summer night, tis nothing more captivating than the sparkle which radiates from an exotic gemstone. Well, nothing except for Natalie Lennox, who opens up this tape with a major bang! This absolutely stunning blonde says she is the typical California girl, but let me tell you folks, ain't nothing typical about Natalie! She is 5'7" and weighs 130 pounds. She graces us with her presence while sporting a pair of jean shorts that are so short, she may has well have not worn them! Oh, this gal's got style, grace, beauty, and a body to die (or kill) for. She poses in several outfits including a black one piece body-fit dress, with matching high heels. Being a former American Gladiator, there's no doubt that Natalie knows all the right moves, and she demonstrates them with her exciting routine.

She's got wonderful peaks on her biceps, and is very proportioned. Because she is so streamlined and slender, she looks closer to six feet than her actual height of 5'7". When you watch her gluts contract in her almost invisible shorts, you will wish you could be the chair that she sits down on in the next segment. What does Natalie do while sitting down you ask? Well, how about give us what we all want so much, a couple of great shots of those bronzed legs! Interesting thing to note is how Builtmore has begun to experiment with interesting visual effects and camera techniques. For instance, throughout the video we get to see split screen shots, background graphics, small windows which fill the screen, and other interesting animations, all of which serve to keep our interest. (As if we needed any help with girls like Natalie!) Wait 'till you see the closeup shots of her biceps as she pumps them in and out. You will be taken to cloud 9, but just remember to come back in time forů

Betsy Rose! This lovely brunette oils herself up in a quiet park setting, where she gives us a glimpse of her fabulously tanned and toned legs. She looks absolutely adorable wearing her baseball cap. Much or her segment takes place with her sitting down, and most of her posing borders on erotic. Anyone have any objections to that? I thought not! Her calves are shapely and toned. When she stands up and does calf raises, you'll drool over the wonderful "hearts" that emerge. Hmmm, wonder if Betsy would be my Valentine? I would have liked to see a little more concentration on her upper body, as we don't even get to see her flex once (although it is quite apparent that she's got some great arms). Because of all of the lower body focus, I feel that the segment stretched on a little too long, however you leg lovers will love every single second of it.

Next up is another beautiful blonde, who comes from England. This attractive aerobics instructor weighs in at 126 pounds and stands 5'7". Her segment is a perfect follow up to the slower paced previous segment. She takes us through an aerobic workout which is sure to get you excited. Of course there are generous helping of flexing, including a great bicep pumping sequence. I remember a time when that seemed to be a rarity on tapes of this genre, but I really enjoy the way all the girls seem to do this now. It is the best way to show off those rock solid arms. In addition to a great upper body, this Brit sports some well developed quads and calves. You can see the separation and striations as she jumps up and down to the beat of the music. And once she changes into her black dress and high heels, you'll have a hard time taking your eyes off of her diamond-shaped calves. Wait, they're screaming out to me...Look at me! Look at me! (Actually I'd like to touch too!)

Quick, out to the street! Another beautiful model is waiting to pose for us! The scene changes to the street where Joy Kettenacker, a tall, sexy dancer makes her way into the studio to do her thang. She sports a very long smooth set of legs. In fact, the simplest way to describe Joy is as a leggy athletic gal who has great charisma and energy, which explodes across the screen. Her dancing routine is captivating, as is her slender body which can't be contained by the bathing suits that cover it. She doesn't have a lot of muscle (in the amazon sense) but plays to her strengths which are those long, supple legs.

Joy to the world, another Joy has come! That's right, from Joy K. we move to Joy Czerwonky, a 5'11", 135 pounder, with a gorgeous face and long light brown hair. She is a fitness trainer, athlete, and all around active girl. She has the kind of physique which conceals all of her muscle, that is until she actually flexes it! When she comes out in a turquoise dress and red high heels, you will realize that this woman is one of the most beautiful fitness competitors to ever grace your screen. She's got biceps, calves, the works! Her rich, deep tan accentuates the muscles which rest beneath her sexy, curvaceous body. Joy not only gives us some bicep pumps, but also does the same with her calves! Watch them little (actually not so little!) calves bounce up and down...Youch!!! For those of you who have been wanting to see more amazon supermodels, don't look any further than Joy, she is the epitome of what I consider an amazon. The perfect combination of looks and muscle, all neatly displayed in a great posing routine.

Okay, so up until now, the women have been, shall we say, on the lighter side of the bodybuilding spectrum. Well, hold on to your hats, you extremists, because you're about to feast your eyes on an amazon named Sara Vaughan. This gal ain't your little fitness gal, she's a pure heavyweight. And if she didn't tell you she weighs 155 pounds, you'd guess at least 180! This brunette hails from England, and boasts a very impressive 8-12% body fat. Her biceps rock, and you'll be drooling out of every corner of your mouth (uh, two I guess) when you seem em flexed. Sara gives an extensive interview and discusses different aspects of bodybuilding, including the public's perception to muscular women and what she looks for in a guy. Her back is so heavily muscled, that you could probably land a jet plane on it! Check out the V-taper when she does a lat spread. They can barely fit her back on the screen! I'm telling you, this woman is powerful, so don't upset her. Not that any of us will ever have the chance but...The closeups of her arms are great. Looking at the girth of her biceps, you'll probably be comparing her to women like Tina Lockwood and Karla Nelsen. I thought this was a great segment to end the tape. With the inclusion of Sara, Model Release Vol. 2 has something for everyone.

Regardless in what type of physique turns you on the most,you'll probably find it in Model Release 2. The variety of women, plus the interesting posing routines, especially the aerobic segment, will keep your interest. As I've said in the past, I'd like a little more action on these modelling tapes, but they serve their purpose extremely well. That is to provide you muscle worshippers out there with an eyeful of incredible woman muscle power! Get your copy by checking out www.builtmore.com

By the way, check out the clever title, "Model Release." This is a term used in showbiz which relates to the contract signed between the talent and the production company.

- Davemeister

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