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Family Reunion
With Karla Nelsen

Karla Nelsen stars as Julie, who as a young girl was teased by her cousin. Now she's grown up into a massive muscular amazon out for revenge!

Running time: 60 minutes

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Family Reunion

Review by Davemeister.

If posed the question, "which is the weaker sex?", you might be inclined to say females. However, anyone who knows Karla Nelsen would jump down your throat for giving an answer like that. If you're still in doubt, you need to check out Builtmore Production's "Family Reunion, Vol. 1 and 2." This one hour video (broken into two separate volumes) takes tradi- tional family values and throws them out the window! Karla Nelsen stars as Julie, a girl who as a child, was teased and tormented by her bully of a cousin, Bill. He would harass her, pick on her, and generally be a real pain in the butt! Now, Julie and Bill are all grown up and Bill is visiting his cousin's place, where he intends to enjoy his vacation at the expense of Julie. Thinking that this trip is going to be yet another opportunity to antagonize Julie, he walks up to the house where he is greeted by his aunt. She tells him that she needs his car keys to go and run some errands. As she leaves, she says that Julie will be home soon and can't wait to see him.

Bill proceeds to unpack his bags, while maintaining thoughts of what a great vacation this is going to be. Little does he know that he won't be having fun at his cousin's expense this time. Quite the contrary! Julie has grown up in more ways than one. She's grown massive biceps, defined rock-solid legs, a muscular back as wide as a movie screen, and an unquenchable thirst for revenge against Bill. When she enters the house and Bill gets his first look at her, he exclaims his incredible shock at her enormous size. She hides and he walks through the house with trepidation. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Julie sneaks up on him and picks him up in an incredible bearhug, squeezing the very life out of him. She sarcastically says, "Hi cuz, boy you are light!" After dropping him, she claims she doesn't want to hurt him, at least not yet.

The amazonically proportioned Julie orders her cousin to change into suitable attire for a wrestling match, which will take place in the back yard in ten minutes. When Bill approaches the yard, he sees numerous weights lying around and in a somewhat corny statement, says, "This stuff must weigh as much as Detroit." Julie laughs at his pathetic body which is dwarfed next to her. When she flexes her arms, they seem to be the size of Bill's head. She orders him to feel her biceps, and she flexes over and over again, while his hand rests on her arm. Flexing her quads, you can see the muscles rip right out of her legs. She is in such incredible shape that you've got to feel sorry for what is going to happen to Bill.

She picks him up with such ease, it's almost as if he's weightless. However, no matter how many feats of strength Julie displays, Bill's cocky attitude still persists. He claims that her muscles don't intimi- date him, however, he doesn't maintain that attitude long, once he's firmly caught in her vice-like grip. She picks him up in a bearhug and squeezes the life out of him. Then down on the grass, she wraps her legs around him claiming that she will show him just how strong her "legs of marble" really are. Julie ends up knocking him out. Through-out the scissors hold, she continues to taunt him with dialogue. I enjoyed the verbiage, because normally it gets very boring watching holds for several minutes without any talk.

She picks him up again and wraps her massive hands around his scrawny throat. After choking him unrelentlessly for several minutes, she hoists him over her head in a military press and says "you're my little slave boy." After dropping him to the ground again, she makes her demands clear. She wants iced tea and body lotion, and she wants it now! Bill obeys her every command, but secretly still has plans to overtake his massively muscled cousin. The next scene is a great one. Julie tells Bill to rub the lotion on her body. While rubbing it across her solid physique, she flexes and poses. This is classic sensual muscle worship, and you'll savour every moment of it. Of course, Bill isn't enjoying his new role as her slave boy. When he tells her she has arms like a guy, she gets very angry at the insult: "No guy has arms like me!" she claims. She grabs him by the neck and chokes him again and again.

Back inside the house, we see Julie curling a huge dumbbell while watching television. The cameras focus in on her massive peaked biceps, which get more and more pumped with each passing repetition. Bill stares at her working out from the kitchen, and when she spots him, he must pay for his actions. She orders him into the room, and tells him to get down on his knees to beg for forgiveness. Then Julie says he will help her with her lower body workout, by being her scissors victim. She crushes him and the sound effects (which are overdone as much as the sounds in the Rocky movies) let you know that Bill's little body is being pulverized by this muscular amazon. Bill is left unconscious on the floor, while Julie's gargantuan frame hovers over him. When he comes to, he goes to get a drink saying that he'll show her what he's made of. What he doesn't realize is that she is right behind him listening to every word. She grabs him in a headlock and drags him into the living room. Julie tells him not to pass out yet because she's got to give him more!

She flips him up onto her shoulder and then lowers him into piledriver position, where his battered body hangs helplessly until he finally passes out. You can hear his voice claim "Well that's about it. I'll have to behave as long as I'm here because my life depends on it, but one of these days...one of these days, I'll show her." Part one ends with some posing by the queen of muscle, Karla Nelsen. She shows off her massive calves, while someone touches them and points out how ultra hard her entire body is. Her biceps explode with muscularity and her glutes are unparalleled in terms of sheer size and hardness. After an exciting half hour of domination, get ready for more, with "Family Reunion, part 2." Does Bill get his revenge?

Not quite...Part 2 reveals to us a side of Karla Nelsen which is even more cruel and vengeful than earlier in the tape. She wakes up Bill the hard way by jumping onto the bed and smothering him. Julie wraps her massive legs around his weak and helpless body and squeezes over and over again, asking him if this is his idea of a wake up call. Of course, she does the opposite of waking him up...With her powerful leg scissors, she knocks him out. Julie gets off the bed and poses for the cameras, revealing an even more muscular and ripped body than in part 1! Her vascularity has yet to be matched by any woman in the bodybuilding world. Combined with her awesome size, this is definitely not a girl to mess with.

Julie tells Bill to get ready because she will be taking him to her friend's pool party. She says that her friend Kim is not a bodybuilder but has really powerful legs from all of the years of skiing. Bill doesn't look to excited about visiting Julie's friend, so Julie subse-quently teaches him yet another lesson in the ways of woman power. She grabs him by the neck and lifts him off the ground. Then she throws him onto the bed again and demolishes him with several intensely devastating maneuvers. From there, we cut to the scene where Julie pulls her car into the driveway. She goes around to the passenger side, where Bill is still knocked out from his earlier punishment. She opens the door and carries Billy-boy in her arms. Once inside, she places him gently on an exercise bench and then wakes him up.

Julie's friend Kim, is a powerfully built African-American, with a thick physique, although not very defined. She proceeds to tell Bill a story about how she beat up her brother once, but when Bill doubts the since-rity of her story, she begins to choke him. Julie enters from the bath-room where she was getting some baby lotion and says "before you two get all worked up, Bill, rub some baby lotion on me." Kim stands back and watches Bill as he starts by rubbing the lotion on her feet. Down on his hands and knees, he asks Julie why she likes to make him her slave, but she responds by saying that he is enjoying the treatment.

The segment stretches out a little too long, although fans of erotic muscle worship may thoroughly enjoy the extended segment. Kim returns with a camera in hand to capture some pictures of Julie lifting and carrying Bill in many different ways. Her patented "body necklace" makes for great entertainment, as she "wears" Bill around her waist like he were a necklace! Kim snaps many pictures before finally asking to "play" with Bill herself. Julie gives Kim the chance to show Bill how powerful she is. Kim proceeds to lock her vide-like legs around Bill and squeezes harder than he would like. After a few moments, she decides to take the festivities out to the pool.

At poolside, Kim continues to antagonize Bill with more scissors and headlocks. Finally she knocks him out. How can he be revived? Simple! Kim picks him up and carries him to the pool, where she throws him in. He is instantly awaken. Fearing for his life he tries to swim away from Kim who circles the pool, like he's her prey. Eventually she catches him and dunks him underwater repeatedly. When she finally gets him out of the pool, Julie decides to have one last go-around with her cousin.

Julie puts him in a sleeper hold with her bulging biceps squeezing the life out of her helpless victim. Asleep, Kim and Julie laugh at just how much fun it was dominating Bill. The tape ends, when Bill walks down the street hoping to hitch a ride back home. He comments that he never wants to return to his sadistic cousin's lair as long as he lives. I think that's a very wise decision.

Builtmore's Family Reunion offers fans of muscle worship, domination, and lift and carry plenty of excitement. While the dialog is very corny at times, the overall plot presents an amusing scenario, which is acted out quite well by the participants. If you would like to explore the fabulous world of amazon domination, Family Reunion is definitely a great starting point. You will never again look at women in the same light after viewing this tape!

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