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Abuser Friendly / Boss's Folly

Double Feature. Abuser Friendly is a 22 minute video featuring Janell Ennis and Nancy Lewis, two powerful women, showing who's boss in the office. In Boss's Folly, a young woman with powerful legs starts her new job by teaching her boss a fe

Running time: 60 minutes

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Abuser Friendly / Boss's Folly

Abuser Friendly

Abuser Friendly is a 22 minute video by Nercy featuring Janell Ennis and Nancy Lewis, two powerful women. AF begins with a small man attempting to deliver of a couple computers that are way too heavy for his puny frame to handle. He bemoans the fact that he never gets exercise while, at the same time, notices that so many of the women about him seem to be getting stronger. In fact, he is beginning to wonder if women aren't becoming stronger then men

Entering the office he meets two towering musclewomen in high heels who laugh at his inability to carry the computer equipment he is delivering. Effortlessly, these women carry his boxes for him, showing off their powerful muscular legs as they do so. They brag to him that they are among the new bread of strong women and they flex their massive muscles right in his little face to prove it. Not only is the female boss a powerhouse, but her secretary also flashes some amazing muscles as well. The lady boss then takes him into an inner office to give him a small demonstration of her power over him. We are simply told that he "almost never came out of that inner office," leading us to wonder what happened to him.

But we don't have to wait long to find out because he is forced to return for more demonstrations, ones the women assure him will send him to the doctor. Forced to return later on the threat of the women complaining to his own boss about his deliveries, little Sammy is measured by the women--literally. They take tape measurements of his biceps and thighs and then measure themselves for comparison. These measurements are obviously for real and quite impressive to watch. The secretary's and boss's biceps and thighs and calves have poor Sammy beaten by many inches in each instance. For example the female boss's biceps are 17 inches to Sammy's 13. They assure him that he has reason to be scared.

A wrestling match ensues in which loss is determined by submission, and the lady boss gets to accept Sammy's submission or not, as she sees fit. During the fight there are any number of strangle holds and extreme leg scissors. She even strangles him until he seems to pass out. He is then forced into another fight with the powerful female boss because as she says, "It is two wins out of three." There are some impressive leg scissors about the head and more strangling. He certainly looks to be suffering when he is crushed yet again into unconsciousness.

Now the boss gives the "leftovers" to her powerful and sexy secretary who works out with weights to warm up for the final destruction of the delivery wimp. Her display of muscles is particularly awesome. She quickly puts the wimp in a chokehold as her female boss looks on with delight. He is choked into unconsciousness and when he awakes the powerful secretary is siting on his chest.

She then puts his head into a leg scissors and squeezes him, asking in a mocking tone, "How does it feel?" and "Is it too tight?" Again and again she crushes his head and body between her powerful legs and finally smothers him out with her breasts while wrapping about his little body with what she calls the "grapevine" hold. In the end, the powerful women decide to keep little Sammy on as their mascot and force him as a sign of servitude to kiss their massive biceps. Janell Ennis and Nancy Lewis, the two women in this video, are certainly powerful ladies. No one could complain about how these women look or about how big their muscles are. But another very important part of a video like this is the acting. If the acting is good, the story, no matter how bizarre, can seem real. Conversely, bad acting can ruin a show. Sadly, the acting in this video is bad. Not only are the lines delivered in a wooden fashion, but also the wrestling looks very staged. I never got the feeling that the man was really struggling or that the women were really attacking him. The crunching audio effects also sounded more like someone crumpling up a plastic milk carton than ribs or skulls cracking. And the camera was in too close most of the time giving the video a decidedly "crowded" look. There are other camera problems as well. Sometimes scenes are so backlighted that they are blacked out by the overwhelming light. And, in a laughable shot, the camera reveals that the "inner office" he staggers out of after his first workout with the boss is nothing more than a tiny broom closet.

I will give this video a C+ solely because the women and their powerful muscles are an eyeful to behold. If the acting and direction had just been good this video could have been a powerful one. As it is, it is a little above average and still worthy of the collector of such tapes.

Boss's Folly

In this 30 min production by Nercy, we once again learn that women have the upper hand. The story opens with a woman who has quite powerful legs entering an office building. She's planning to interview for a job. Her new boss, it turns out, is a very small man, not a midget, but only about 4'10" tall. Right off the bat he begins to take notice of the woman's beautiful body. He seems most excited by the fact that she is athletic, a weight lifter and runner.

He asks her to remove some of her clothes so he can look at her and she resists. She finally does remove her jacket and shows off some huge biceps which ought to have been a warning to him. He hires her and as he walks her to the door we can see that she towers above him. Next we get to see her working out in the gym along with another strongwoman, pumping up her powerful arms. While working out, she and the other women discuss the problems she is having with her new boss. There is some nice camera work showing off the power of these two women as they work the equipment.

When the gym owner tries to throw them out for mishandling the weights, the other woman takes him on in a no holds bared wrestling match and eventually crushes his head slowly between her powerful thighs. (After he is done she stands up and shows off her powerful legs to the camera.) This, in turn, gives our heroin ideas about how to take care of her new boss.

Enter her new job our heroin is sporting a tight white miniskirted dress and tells her boss that she is going to teach him a lesson. Explaining that she is both bigger and stronger than he is, she takes him on. Then she puts the little man in a choke hold he appears to be but a child in her powerful arms. When he tries to fight back and give her a bear hug she only laughs and then she gives him one. She picks him up like a little boy and nearly crushes him to death with her powerful hug. When he tries to flee the office she grabs him by his little ankles and pulls him back into the room. There, she lifts him one-handed by the neck and puts him against a wall while making him beg.

In the end, she wraps her legs about his midsection and squeezes him into submission while he cries, screams, and begs. She finally crushes him into unconsciousness.

This video has both good and bad things to be said for it. The very best are the impressive scenes of her powerful body overwhelming his small frame. This really does look more like a woman dominating a child than a man because he is of such slight stature.in the negative side there are a number of problems. Sometimes the acting is quite wooden, which is too bad because acting sells a story. Sound effects more often sound like someone crumpling Tupperware rather than bones breaking. And the fights often look staged. All in all I would give this video a B, mostly because of the amazing comparison between her mighty body and his puny one.

Review by La Moduleuse

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