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Pounds Per Square Inch
Pounds Per Square Inch

Starring the amazing Amazon Eva Eriksson in wrestling, interview, feats of strength.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Pounds Per Square Inch

Review by La Moduleuse

Here is another hour-long feature by Nercy. This one stars the amazing Amazon Eva Eriksson.The video begins explosively as a male wrestler wearing a red leather mask bursts into a room to take on the towering Eva. In an instant she overpowers him and begins to rip off his mask. But before we see any more, it is time to meet Eva.

The towering Amazon arrives in a one-piece bathing suit at a place called "Centimeter" so that she can be measured. The camera follows her into the building keeping the lens focused on Eva's massive and muscular back. The last time I saw a back like that was in Conan the Barbarian. Few men could show off such a powerful and sculpted back as Eva's, let alone women. Once inside the stunning measurements are taken, and they are all for real. Eva's neck is 15". Her massive biceps are 16" with a forearm of 12". Her upper thigh is a powerful 26" and her calf is 17".

Eva then takes a stroll out of doors in high-heeled mules, pacing back and forth so we can see a close-up of her massive and powerful thighs. To any admirer of Amazon legs Eva's limbs announce that, "Yes, there is a God." Next we see Eva standing on a table with a poor man's head pinned between her mighty calves. And then let the wrestling begin! The man is slightly smaller than Eva is and he is in good shape. He is not giving in at all and is clearly trying his best at both body wrestling and arm wrestling. The beautiful Eva gets winded and tired, but she gets the best of him each time. What I like so much about this wrestling is that they are having fun and he is really trying his hardest. Not once does it seem that he gives in for the camera. The fact is that he simply can't beat her. Again and again she betters him, throwing him over and getting him down.

Normally I might say that these wrestling scenes go on for too long. But it is wonderful to watch him try so hard and to see Eva having so much fun and to see him simply lose to her. She is bigger, stronger, more swift, and, well, too much woman for him.

Eva is a big girl, too. She is a beautiful blonde Scandinavian whom I would guess looks to be about 6'1" and is carrying about 200 beautifully sculpted pounds. The man, although in great condition, is about 5'9" and perhaps 165. Against Eva he is just plain out of luck.

In the next part of this video Eva show's off her strength with a man of her own height and size. She has no problem carrying him in her arms like a baby and in even lifting him above her shoulders. She also carries him over her shoulder walking about with ease and even stopping to do deep-knee bends while carrying him. She also shows the power to front carry him and even let him hang from her mighty hips with his legs wrapped about them.

Then, with the man riding on her shoulders, Eva does more deep knee bends and even gives him a piggyback ride. He also gives her one, but seems to struggle under her weight more than she did when carrying him. With ease she bends down and wraps her arms about his thighs and lifts him high into the air where she holds him with one arm while making a muscle with the other. This is followed by more over the shoulder carrying.

Throughout these displays of power Eva laughs and clearly enjoys her own strength. It is too bad that the camera just sits there on the tripod during all of this rather than getting in closer or taking some interesting perspectives. The stationary camera does tend to make these scenes seem a bit long and repetitive.

But there are some interesting things that Eva does to break up the repetition. At one point she bends down and tucks her blonde head between the man's legs and then stands up. She holds him by his legs and hangs him upside down behind her back. She next hangs him upside down in front of her. He is literally a big doll that she can play with. She also uses his entire body as a weight to practice her leg raises. She can lift him up and down, riding him on her feet, and can even do it with the power of only one leg.

Following this there are more lifts and carries, perhaps too many. But if watching a powerful and sexy woman lift and carry a man about is your thing than this is clearly a tape you will want in your collection. At the end of all of this lifting and carrying, and there is a lot of it, Eva is clearly tired. At this point the man she wrestled earlier in the film joins Eva and the other man. The men have a surprise request. They want her to lift them both. She laughs and says, "Oh God!" but they tell her that it will be a piece of cake, well, we shall see. As one man rides Eva piggyback she then lifts the other in her arms like he was a child. Even Eva seems surprised by her own power as she stands there proudly holding two men off the ground with the weight of all three of them on her feet. The men were right it was nothing for her..a piece of cake.

Next we see Eva in a photo shoot in which domination photos are being made. We see Eva in high heels with her massive tanned and muscular thighs wrapped about her victim's head and in another a man looking up at her as she stands above him in heels on a tabletop.

Now it is time for the camera to follow Eva in her black one-piece swimsuit and high heels as she takes a stroll down a public street. Man passing by her is simply blown away and we hear live and candid comments such as, "God-damn!" "Jeez!" and, "She's huge, God almighty!"

Finally the camera gets put to use and takes a worm's view from down on the surface of the sidewalk looking toward Eva in the distance as she approaches. She comes closer and closer, growing in size until her stunning legs and feet nearly trample right over the camera. This scene is a must-see for anyone who would like to feel what it would be like to lie helpless in the path of a giant woman.

The stunning Eva then stands on a chair outside on the street and strikes muscle poses that are quite impressive. She also sits on the chair crossing her legs and displays her massive thighs. With her blonde hair and sunglasses she makes a stunning figure even without all the amazing muscles. More muscle posing follows, especially good close-ups of her amazing legs and calves. We follow her poolside and up and down stairs to see her legs at their very best.

I won't say that this video is without drawbacks, it has its problems. As I mentioned, some of the lift and carry scenes go on and on for far too long. It is also a shame that with such a stunning woman as Eva that we see her in the same outfit throughout. She must be quite a stunner in a skirt and stockings, but the viewer doesn't get the chance to find out. But still, Eva brings a lot of fun and energy to this production as well as her stunning body so I have to give it a B+ overall.

If you would like to own this tape or others by Builtmore Productions you may find them at http://www.builtmore.com on the World Wide Web.

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