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Twisted Sisters
Twisted Sisters

Awesome bodybuilders Debra Hanson and Laura Vukov wrestle males into submission

Running time: 30 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Twisted Sisters

Review by Davemeister
Newsgroup: alt.amazon-women.admirers

If you've ever dreamed about being married to an amazon woman with huge muscles and a bad attitude, you may want to reconsider. Builtmore's Twisted Sisters puts the incredible talents of two of bodybuilding's best built stars together to teach their boyfriends a lesson in the art of female persuasion...That is, physical persuasion. It's amazing how two women like Debra Hanson and the awesome Laura Vukov can dominate their submissive partners simply by using their super-human strength. If you don't believe it, just check this short film out. It begins with two guys (one of whom is Bill Wick, married to the late Kay Baxter) setting up decorations for a birthday party. These two gentlemen, for lack of a better term, like to refer to themselves as the Bruise Brothers. They sit down to take a break from the work and get into a conversation about their girlfriends, aka the Twisted Sisters. Bill comments that it's great that they have strong young girls that can carry them around as they get older and more feeble.

Within moments, the conversation degenerates into an insult fest, with each brother defending the honour of his girl. Bill claims that Debra is stronger, while Jimmy comes to Laura's aid. They compare the girls' legs and tell each other how much damage their girls could do by wrapping their legs around a guy's head. This dysfunctional relationship yields a very amusing dialogue which continues for several minutes. Both guys are obviously a few bricks short of a full load, but they sure know how to get us to laugh. Bill tells Jimmy how his girl squeezes his head every time she wants sex, and then they both recall a story about how the girls used to squeeze pigs to death on the farm, in order to "save bullets!" After they both calm down, Bill suggests getting a cake which reads "Happy Birthday, Twisted Sisters." He cracks a joke saying how some people think he's full of it, but it's only because he has to go to the bathroom!

Later, out in the backyard, at poolside, Jimmy brings in the cake which they intend to spring on their muscular girlfriends. While they engage in conversation a car pulls up to the house and two extraordinarily built women emerge. Laura is decked out in a phenomenal skin tight black outfit, complete with black high heel shoes which accentuate her defined calves. Debra sports an angelic white outfit, which contrasts nicely against her sister's attire. Meanwhile, as the girls watch on from a distance, the guys continue to argue about the strength of the girls. Their argument comes to blows in which both guys struggle furiously down on the ground. The girls come up from behind and grab them around their waists and pick them up to their feet!

The guys struggle valiantly but are unable to break free from the powerful grips of their muscle-bound girlfriends. They are taken into the house, where the girls pin them on the floor. The sisters laugh when they hear what the argument is about and high five each other, saying they are twisted sisters. Hey, as long as they know they are, I'm fine with it! They decide to put a scissors hold on each other's boyfriends in order to see which girl is stronger. The first guy to give up will have to admit that his brother's girl is stronger than his. Are you following? Good, because it gets better.

Starting with a head scissors, the girls clamp on the pressure and keep the guys subdued for several minutes. Both guys get knocked out at exactly the same time, so they decide to try something else. They switch to a body scissors, in which Debra seems merciless as she squeezes Jimmy to sleep. Laura knocks Bill out at the same time also! Tied again...Finally, Laura suggests a grapevine in which there will be no escape. This suits Debra fine, and within moments of applying the hold, Bill screams out that he quits. They release the holds, and Laura declares herself the victor because Debra's boyfriend quit first. Debra is extremely furious with Bill, who tries to justify his comments by saying he was just joking and didn't mean to quit. Debra then teaches her man a lesson by assaulting him unmercifully. Meanwhile, Laura celebrates her victory by rewarding her husband with an uplifting airplane spin, commenting that he's a lucky guy to have her for a girlfriend.

After being released from the airplane spin, Jimmy attempts to help his brother break free from Debra's grasp, which just angers her more. She finally releases the hold, and then Laura and Debra decide to go to the gym to see which of the two really is the stronger girl. They high five each other again speaking their ceremonial chant of "Alright, Twisted Sisters!" Before they go to the gym, they demand to see the cake the boys bought them. They are both pleased to see the comment on the cake and begin eating the cake. That is, until Bill and Jimmy insist that the girls armwrestle at the table. With cake all over the tape, the girls start armwrestling, while the boys cheer on their girls. Within moments, it appears that neither girl will budge, so instead they grab some cake and rub it in their boyfriends' faces! They then laugh at them and decide to call them the Jerk Brothers. Quite a funny scene to say the least!

Finally, the girls decide to step up to the plate, so to speak, to determine the stronger sister. They head down to the gym, while the guys sit inside the house angry at the competition they started between Laura and Debra. They are afraid that the girls will kill themselves trying to out-do each other. The competition proved to be one of the most interesting moments I've seen in an amazon flick. The girls challenged themselves with awesome amounts of weight, including dumbbell curls with sixty pound weights in each hand! The contest was based on a six rep routine, in which if both girls completed six reps successfully, they would continue to increase the weight. The bicep curls proved even, with both girls maxing out at sixty pound curls. The benchpress was also an even contest with the girls pressing 185 pounds over and over again!

The contest continued, with both girls encouraging each other, unlike the Bruise Brothers who always seem to be at odds. I won't ruin the outcome, but I will say that I was extremely impressed with the power that both of these "sisters" possessed. Any guys out there doubting the strength of female bodybuilders needs to view this tape to put those doubts to rest. Finally, after a victor is determine, the girls go back to the guys and asks them to guess which one won the contest. The Bruise Brothers sit down and watch The Twisted Sisters start an awesome posedown, in which they flex and pump their muscles in a great competitive posing routine. The guys get in on the action as they start to feel the girls' bodies. Bill starts squeezing Debra's calves and kisses her unrelentlessly, while Jimmy goes "gaga" all over Laura!

Finally, the girls stop posing and ask the boys to guess which girl won the contest. They both exclaim in unison, "we really don't care, because we're the Bruise Brothers!" Bill and Jimmy start laughing, but the sisters don't find their attitude amusing and decide to teach them another lesson. Following a cruel amount of punishment, in which both guys admit their inferiority, the girls declare themselves to be the masters in their relationships. They stand above their victims, er, boyfriends and claim that from this moment forward the guys will do their every command!

Builtmore's Twisted Sister is an amusing portrayal of sibling rivalries and torturous antagonism, with a couple of well built women that are determined to show their men who wears the pants in the family. Bill's flare for comedy adds a lot to this delightful short film. Fans of the awesome Laura Vukov and Debra Hanson will want to pick up this tape and see the strength which lies within the hearts (and biceps!) of these fantastic femmes-fatales.

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