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Trapped in Amber

Features world class physique model MALENA modeling poolside and in various stages of undress, plus mixed wrestling, lift & carry, and measuring her huge muscles.

Running time: 60 minutes

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Price: $20.00
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Trapped in Amber

Trapped in Amber is a double-D double feature! It’s two tapes in one!

In the first half of the tape, former American Gladiator and arm-wrestling champ Malena, a five foot nine, two hundred pound powerhouse, shows off her beautiful, powerful body and glamorous style, putting on make-up, then primping and posing for the mirror in -- and out! -- of a series of skimpy bras and panties. This ample amazon is the total package, strong arms, rock-hard legs, and more curves than Mulholland Drive.

Next she does some modeling by the pool, slipping into a pair of stacked heels and out of a pink skirt to strut and show off her powerful legs and massive biceps in the golden California sun. Then it’s into the pool for a quick dip, and a chance to watch water run down her glistening body.

The second half of the tape is all action. Malena and her victim -- er, friend -- Perry, demonstrate Malena’s strength by performing a series of lifts. Perry is five foot eight and a hundred and seventy five pounds, but Malena lifts him like he was an infant, carrying him around and doing squats with him in her arms.

Amazed by her strength, Perry asks Malena if he can measure her. She lets him, and the figures on her figure are impressive. He almost runs out of tape.

Next, the poor guy challenges Malena to a wrestling match. He doesn’t know what he’s in for. Malena throws him around, then gets down and dirty and traps and crushes him in a sadistic series of submission holds, arm locks, choke, and head scissors. Poor Perry’s face turns red and he’s panting like a race horse in five minutes. Malena never breaks a sweat.

Halfway through Perry makes a serious mistake. He pulls Malena's top off. He almost doesn’t live to regret it. Malena turns up the heat and muscles him all over the mat before finally choking him out in a powerful neck scissors. No contest.

Malena’s looking for some real competition. Are you up to the challenge?

-- Elle Elle

Running Time: One Hour

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